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How do I use the Offer Letter tool?
How do I use the Offer Letter tool?
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Watch this six minute video to take a tour through the Offer Letter tool.

Company Action: Generating the Offer Letter

  1. Under the HIRE & RETAIN section (left side navigation bar), select Offer Letter.

  2. On the left of the page, select Add Offer Letter.

  3. Next step is to customize it! Go through each section filling out any information you wish to provide to your candidates.

  4. In the last panel of the Offer Letter, you are asked to add an Employment Contract for the candidate. This step is optional, and can be removed by switching off the "visible to candidate" toggle:

    If included, it will allow the employee to sign their Employment Contract in Pulley, and will kickstart the process of issuing the Equity they agreed to. Pulley offers a preset Employment Contract for California employees, but you can also set up your own contract as shown in this article.

  5. Once you have finished the Offer Letter you can share the link with the candidate by selecting the Copy Share Link shown in both screenshots provided above and let the candidates view the Offer Letter.

Candidate Action: Agreeing to the Offer Letter

Using the provided Share Link, your new employee will be able to access the Offer Letter. If no Employment Contract was included, this would be the end of the process.

If opted to e-sign the Employment Contract in Pulley, the candidate is prompted to select their preferred Compensation Package, and Review the Contract.

They'll be shown a summary of the final conditions, along with the ability to view the fully populated contract before they sign:

Company Action: Issuing the Employee Equity

  1. After the new employee signed the contract, the company signatory will see a "Task" notification to counter-sign.

  2. Next up, Pulley will auto-generate a Draft Security for the Equity being issued. You can find it by navigating to Contracts > "I want to e-sign new contracts" > Options/RSAs/RSUs (as appropriate).

  3. You will need to edit the security using Spreadsheet Mode to select an agreement Template and complete all required fields before sending for signatures.

    Pulley provides preset Templates for Options and RSAs, but you may want to add your own.

  4. Once the security is ready, you simply need to select it in the Contracts tab, and click the Collect Signatures button.

    Your new employee will receive an email to sign their security and set up their Pulley Portfolio.

    Simultaneously, the Company Signatory will receive a Task to sign the security, after which the process will be complete.

    That's it! Enjoy your hiring and issuing equity on Pulley!

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