Issuing restricted stock awards (RSAs) electronically allows you to grant options to employees entirely on Pulley instead of having them sign documents offline.

To start issuing new options: click + Add in the left navigation bar → select Restricted Stock Awards → click Continue → under New securities, click Continue:

There are two requirements to issue RSAs electronically.You'll only need to do this setup once:

  1. The Company has two Certificate Signatories

  2. Draft RSAs have a "Form Document" selected

1. Set two Certificate Signatories

In the "Add Two Certificate Signatories" section, click on Add. Enter the name and email for the signatory. You can invite and set yourself as the signatory(ies).

This person(s) will receive an email from Pulley to accept as one of the certificate signatories. They will then receive an email to sign for new RSAs that are issued on the Pulley platform.

2. Upload the Form Documents

In the "Add Form Documents" section, click on Add:

Upload standard documents like "Form of RSA (Services)" and "Form of Equity Plan". You will be able to sign them directly on Pulley.

3. Fill out information for RSAs

You can now start setting up RSAs to issue! Select the relevant form in the "Form Documents" selection and then fill out the rest of the form.

4. Send securities for signing

All newly created RSAs will appear in Drafts. Select "New securities" to issue RSAs electronically.

Once you select "Collect Signatures", you will be shown the steps required to complete your RSA issuance.

When you select "Issue RSAs" on the below screen, the two Certificate Signatories will receive emails to sign and review the RSAs.

Then, the stakeholder will receive an email to view the RSA and sign as well.

After that, the transaction is complete and your cap table will be updated.

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