To learn more about cap tables, read our explainer here.

If you have a cap table already

  1. Send Pulley your current cap table (preferably as an Excel .xlsx file).

  2. That's it!

If you do not have a cap table already

  1. Download our cap table template.

  2. Fill the template in to the best of your ability with the relevant cap table information. We will cross-reference your documents.

    1. Any text that is 'red' are details that must be provided for us to put in that specific security.

    2. Anything 'white' is non-essential but should be filled in if relevant. For example, if you know some of the securities on your cap table have vesting make sure to fill in the vesting-related cells.

    3. The 'Summary cap table' tab and 'Detailed Cap' tab are not compulsory to be filled in, but do provide us with more context.

  3. Upload the cap table file under step 2 on your dashboard:

  4. Fill in the rest of the onboarding form. Once you've provided the rest of your materials, press 'Submit for Review'.

🌱 Are you an early-stage startup?
If you have 5 or less stakeholders, Pulley can generate your cap table for you using your uploaded legal documents.

  1. Download this note and upload it under "Cap Table":

  2. Done.

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