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How do I issue share certificates?
How do I issue share certificates?

Learn how to issue certificates on Pulley.

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This article is relevant to you if:

  • You want to issue share certificates to your stakeholders using Pulley.

You will learn:

ℹ️ Tip: Make sure you complete all the 'Before beginning' steps before seeking to issue share certificates! Otherwise, your certificates will be missing signatures and/or legends.

Before beginning: Set your share class to certificated.

Make sure your shares' Share Class is certificated.

Go to Cap TableShare Classes. Click on the share class → Actions → Edit. Scroll down to "Certificated or Non Certificated" → click “Certificated" → click Save:

Before beginning: Set up signatories.

When a digital certificate is created, Pulley emails a request to each company signatory to sign the certificate. Company signatories must be admins of the company.

The e-signatures will show up here:

Add up to 2 certificate signatories (aka. people whose signatures will appear on the certificates):

  1. Go to Company → scroll down to Signatories → click Add Signatory

  2. Set your Certificate Primary person

    1. This is the first signature that'll appear on the certificate

  3. (optional) Set your Certificate Secondary person

  4. Signatories will get a task in Pulley to sign the certificates. They can view the task by either logging into Pulley or checking their email. Preview the certificate, and once happy, signatories should sign the certificate so the signatures will appear.

ℹ️ Tip: Make sure step 4 is completed! If it is not, then signatures won't appear on the certificates.

Before Beginning: Set up the Legend.

Legends will show up on the certificate here:

Go to CompanyLegends to add a new one.

You can then add the legend to the share certificate in edit mode.

Method 1: Issuing certificates through the security itself.

When to use:

Once you've invited your stakeholder to Pulley, your stakeholder will automatically be able to see a share certificate like the below in Pulley on their security next to 'Certificate'. There's nothing you as an admin need to otherwise do!

Method 2: Issuing certificates through the certificate page.

Head to the Certificates page on the left navigation.

A: If you prefer to download your stakeholders' share certificates directly

You can download all the certificates by clicking on the green button in the top-right button.

Or you can download them individually on the right-hand side.

B: If you want to email out the certificates directly

Click Email Certificates.

Select the stakeholders you wish to email certificates to. You can see whether you have emailed them in the past by checking the Status column.

Method 3: Issue certificates at the same time you add the security to the cap table.

Record the share and enter the certificate's ID and Legend (as needed).

1. Click + Add → Grant Agreement → Shares → and fill out the details. This will create a draft you can review. Make sure you add a legend to appear on the back of the certificate.

2. Review the draft: you can preview each certificate before sending it out for e-signing.

3. Check Notify stakeholders to accept Shares if you want Pulley to notify the stakeholder (aka. the certificate recipient) about their certificate.

4. After you click Add to Cap Table, the certificate is issued and each company signatory will receive an email request to sign the certificate.

5. Sign the certificate if you're a signatory. Each signatory can preview the certificate before they e-sign:

6. The stakeholder will receive an email and task to accept their certificate. A preview of the certificate is visible for both admins and shareholders.

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