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83(b)s on Pulley
Signing 83(b) Elections in Pulley
Signing 83(b) Elections in Pulley

Learn about the 83(b) election flow in Pulley.

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Do your stakeholders need to file 83(b) elections? Pulley can generate pre-filled 83(b)s for your stakeholder to sign. View a preview of the 83(b) here.

To access the flow:

  1. Make sure the stakeholder has accepted the relevant security. You can do so by clicking on the relevant security, and the Status in the Stakeholder section should read Accepted. Otherwise, you will be prompted to send an email so the stakeholder can accept the security.

  2. Upon either (a) payment by the stakeholder (offline or with ACH) for the early exercising of their options or (b) the stakeholder is issued an RSA with vesting, upon clicking into the relevant option/ RSA, the stakeholder will be reminded to mail out their 83(b).

  3. On clicking the prompt, the stakeholder will be prompted to fill out their 83(b) Election.

    Here is an example of the 83(b) form we generate on Pulley.

If your stakeholder needs to be reminded to send in their 83(b):

Send them an 83(b) reminder email using the 83(b) tracker.

The stakeholder will receive an email like this:

If your stakeholder never accepted the invite to their security:

You can nonetheless still see if they're missing their 83(b) election by using the tracker. Once the 83(b) election has been uploaded to the security in the dedicated 83(b) Election space, the security will no longer appear on the tracker.

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