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How Pulley offer letters automatically update your cap table
How Pulley offer letters automatically update your cap table

Automatically update the cap table after a candidate signs

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Go from offer to cap table in a few clicks. Pulley's Offer Letters connect the signed offer to your cap table.

How does it work?

  1. For new offer letters, enable the "Accept Offer" section:

    1. The employment contract is the legal document that candidates will sign.

      1. Use one of Pulley's templates or upload your own.

  2. Share the offer with your candidate. This is what candidates see:

3. If candidates click "Review Contract", they'll be able to review the legal terms in their employment contract and e-sign it.

3b. If you used Pulley's template for "US- California employees", we handle the required Confidential Information and Inventions Assignment Agreement (CIIAA) for you!

4. Once signed, we will email a copy of the offer letter to your candidate after the company signs the contract, too.

5. The company signer (aka. employment contract's signatory) will receive a notification to sign. They may review the documents, too.

6. Once the company signs, Pulley will guide them to the cap table updates, using the terms in the accepted offer.

6b. The candidate will receive a copy of their signed offer.

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