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How do I issue a SAFE for signing on Pulley?
How do I issue a SAFE for signing on Pulley?

Learn how to issue SAFEs on Pulley.

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Pulley has pre-uploaded YC SAFE templates, ready for you to issue and sign.

To begin, on the top left click New+ then, select New Contract -> SAFEs

1. To issue SAFEs using the YC template, select YC Template. If you had your own SAFE agreement, select Create Your Own (this will require formatting the document into a Pulley Template, learn how to do this here)

2. Fill in the details of the SAFE, the form will include details and explanations regarding the different toggle and settings.

3. Discounts and MFN clauses, note that for an MFN SAFE that is issued using a YC Template, Discount and Valuation Cap toggle must be disabled.

4. Define Pro Rata rights.

5. Fill in any other additional terms. (Fields without '*' are optional and can be added/edited later)

6. Setting the investor details. Key in the details of the new investor. If the SAFE is to be sent to an existing investor, hit Existing Investor and select from a dropdown.

7. Modifying Company Signatory blocks. The preview shows how the company's signature block will appear on the SAFE document.

8. Provide Wire Instructions to your investors.

9. Finally, review the details of the SAFE and add click Add to cap table. (If you wish to draft them and issue them out for later, you can exit the SAFE issuance at this stage and it will be stored under Drafts on the left navigation)

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