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Pulley template is not supporting a field I need for my document, how do I add this?
Pulley template is not supporting a field I need for my document, how do I add this?

Create your own custom field for formatting documents

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This article will be useful if you:

  • Are a company admin currently setting up a Pulley Template, and

  • You can't find a Template Field corresponding to one or more of the values that you need to templatize

When setting up a template for e-signing securities in Pulley, you have a list of pre-made field codes. Each corresponding to an input field in the cap table.

However, you also have the ability to create your own input fields, which are called Custom Fields. This will allow you to templatize any document, as long as your input in Pulley matches the fields you set up in the document.

Here's the step-by-step of how to set them up:

1. During Template Setup:

When setting up the template, in the place where you want the code to be populated, you need to insert "{{custom_field_" immidiately followed by the name you wish to use for the field, with no spaces.

For example, if you wanted to name the field "Lockup period", the correct way to input that into the document is {{custom_field_lockup_period}}.

Once all fields are included, you can upload the document as part of the Pulley template to be used later when issuing securities.

Keeping a list of the custom fields included in the document will help you later on when using it, since the field names in Pulley will need to match the codes in the document.

2. When issuing the Securities:

Once the template is set up, the next step is taken when issuing the security in Pulley.

First off, you will need to be in the Form view, as opposed to the Spreadsheet view in order to add Custom Fields to a security:

Once you're in the form view, you can proceed to fill out the fields. The Custom Fields can be added at the very end of the form, under Advanced Fields.

Using the same example as above, this input would be recognized as {{custom_field_lockup_period}}, and populate "6 months" in the document:

Notice that there are some formatting differences. It will also work if using "lockup_period" for the input field name, but you can also slightly adjust it for a "cleaner" view in Pulley:

  • You can use different capitalization in the input field, as that will be ignored when recognizing it.

  • You can replace "_" characters with a space in the input field, as these are equivalent.

That's it! If you encounter any issues using Custom Fields, feel free to reach out to and our team will gladly assist.

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