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Requesting your TCC for Form 3921
Requesting your TCC for Form 3921
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The IRS Filling Information Returns Electronically (FIRE) system is a tool for companies to file information returns, including Form 3921, online.

In order to use the system, filers first need to request a Transmitter Control Code ("TCC") with the IRS by completing an IR Application for TCC, formerly Form 4419, Application for Filing Information Returns Electronically.

Follow these instructions to submit an IR Application for TCC.

Once you receive your TCC, you're ready to submit Form 3921 electronically to the IRS. You can generate your Form 3921s on Pulley with the click of a button by following these instructions.

Pulley will ask for your company's TCC in the "Add company info" section of the Form 3921 page. You can update the TCC by clicking Edit:

NOTE: You do not need a TCC in order to distribute copies of Form 3921 to your employees (which you must do by the January 31 deadline). Please read this help article for more information.

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