Companies need to file Form 3921 for any employee who has exercised ISOs in the last calendar year. Read more on Form 3921.

Step one: Navigate to Compliance > Form 3921 and complete the information on the form.

Step two: Add company info

Add the business address you will use to file your taxes. This information is needed to identify your company to the IRS.

  1. Name - Company legal name

  2. Address - Company address for filing tax returns

  3. TCC - You must apply for a TCC to file the Form 3921 electronically. Here are instructions on applying for a TCC. Use a placeholder of 12345 for the TCC if you have not received one from the IRS to generate Copy B and Copy C.

  4. TIN - Company EIN

Step three: Add company info

The point of contact will be the reference for the IRS pending questions on your Form 3921.

Step four: Add stakeholder information

Pulley automatically generates a table of all the stakeholders who have exercised options in the last calendar year. If not stakeholders have exercised options, you do not need to file Form 3921.

Step Four: Generate Documents

Pulley will generate two files after you have completed all the steps:

  1. Copy B - PDF copies that you send to employees

  2. Copy C - PDF copies to keep for your company records

Review the documents generated and send them to the appropriate agencies. Email if you have any questions.

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