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How do vesting alerts for employees work?
How do vesting alerts for employees work?
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For employees holding Stock Options or RSAs with vesting, Pulley will send an email notification whenever the holder reaches a new vesting event.

How do I enable vesting alerts?

Vesting alerts are disabled by default, so you have to enable them before your employees will receive any. To do so, you need to navigate to Company in the left hand navigation bar, and scroll down to the appropriate setting.

Who receives vesting notifications?

Any stakeholders with "outstanding" securities that have been sent to them and accepted will be sent vesting alerts if the feature is enabled. Pulley will not automatically send emails to stakeholders that weren't previously invited to set up a Portfolio.

What does the email look like? Can I modify the contents?

The contents of the email cannot be modified. They are a standard template with basic information, and a button to access their Pulley Portfolio for more details.

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