How to E-sign Board Approvals in Pulley
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Pulley allows companies to collect e-signatures for Board Approval documents with ease. If the Board Approval you need to sign is for approving new Options Grants, Pulley can generate the document for you from scratch, no lawyers required.
If the Board Consent is for approving other types of equity, a new budget, amending a company document, or any other purpose, then follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Navigate to Board Approvals, and click New Board Approval

Step 2: Select "Document" as the Approval Type

Step 3: Upload your Board Approval document.

For "document" type approvals, you will need to upload the document previously generated by your lawyers. This document should clearly outline the purpose and details of the consent.

The Pulley system will automatically append a signatures page at the end of the document, which will be used to collect the board members' signatures. You can get a Preview of the document with this page included before moving on.

Step 4: Adding Board Members (if necessary)

If it's the first time the board members are signing a consent, you will need to add them to the system. Provide their names and email addresses, and they will be included in the list of signatories.

Step 5: Request Signatures

Send the Document for Signing The system will send an email to each board member, requesting their signature on the Board Approval document. The email will contain a link to the document, making the signing process simple and secure.

Step 6: Monitor Pending Signatures

After the document is sent, you can track signature collection from the Board Approvals page. As board members sign the document, their signatures will populate on the appended signatures page.

Other things you can do in the Board Approvals page include (from left to right, and top to bottom):

  • Renaming a Board Approval to better tell them apart in the future

  • Download the document, including all the signatures to date

  • Delete the Board Approval. All signatures will be lost, along with the document in Pulley

  • Resend the email to a particular Board Member to sign the document

  • Add new Board Members, resend their Pulley invite, or Delete them

Step 7: Completion

Once all signatures are collected, the document will be fully executed and its status will change to "Completed" in Pulley. The fully executed document will be available for download, as well as stored within the Pulley system for easy access in the future.

If you have any questions at any step in the process, you can reach out to out team using for assistance.

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