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Can I use a sandbox to test and simulate equity transactions?
Can I use a sandbox to test and simulate equity transactions?

Sandboxing on Pulley

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What is sandboxing?

Pulley has a sandbox test environment that you can use to model future changes to the cap table before you affect the actual company data. The sandbox is a 1:1 copy of the current live cap table for the company, and any changes you make will be saved only within the test environment. All features on the live cap table with the company data are accessible within the sandbox feature.

This feature can help with productivity, reduce the risk of errors, and enable better collaboration with your colleagues on cap table updates. This will also allow you to test out how potential scenarios would affect the percentage ownership of various stakeholders, the effect of options repricing on the current ISO/NSO splits, and more!

In using the sandbox feature, stakeholders will not be notified of any modifications and no actual modifications will be made on the live cap table. Your sandbox is saved indefinitely until you change it or delete it, and will not be reset automatically by the system.

How do I create a sandbox test environment?

1. To begin, on your company dashboard, click the "Live Mode" on the top right corner of the page:

A dropdown menu will then appear, it will default to "Live Mode" status with a green circle.

2. Click "New Sandbox" to initiate a new sandbox:

3. Enter a name for your new sandbox and then hit "Create" to create your new sandbox:

You are now inside a sandbox environment that exactly simulates the company cap table!

The sandbox is signified with a "Sandbox Environment" notification in orange borders and by the status bar with an orange circle by the name of the Sandbox you have selected on the top right corner of the page.

You can begin making any modifications within the company cap table and no modifications will be made in the company's live cap table:

You can also switch back to the "Live Mode" cap table by pressing the drop down menu here:

You can also have multiple sandboxes for each company cap table and delete sandboxes that you no longer need. You can share a sandbox environment for review and track modifications that were made in the sandbox environment. This helps with accuracy and collaboration and having the ability to cross reference the modifications made within the sandbox to manually replicate them within the live cap table if desired.

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