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Law Firms: How do I self-onboard my client on Pulley?
Law Firms: How do I self-onboard my client on Pulley?
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NOTE: Law firm self-onboarding does not replace our existing concierge onboarding services. Our concierge onboarding team remains available as a resource.

To get started, you will need to be within your respective law firm's dashboard account. If you do not see your law firm, you will need to be invited to the law firm dashboard account. Contact your paralegal manager in order to get invited. If your firm does not have a law firm dashboard set up, please contact

Once you are logged into Pulley, click the drop down menu on the top left hand corner on any Pulley page. Within the drop down menu under "Firms", you will be able to find your law firm:

After accessing your law firm dashboard, click the green "Onboard Client" button on the top right corner. Make sure you are under "Clients" on the left navigation panel:

A form to onboard the client will then appear to enter the "Company Legal Name", "Incorporation State" and "Incorporation Date" along with toggles on designating Public Benefit corporations and LLCs. NOTE: "Primary Company Contact" should be the founder/client email. We will not add your client as a user until the onboarding process is complete. We collect their email address upfront for billing purposes only. Your client will only have billing admin permissions to add in billing information for upgrading their plan if necessary. They will not be able to view the cap table and make edits during onboarding. After filling out the initial company information, press the green "Start Onboarding" button on the bottom right hand corner:

After hitting "Start Onboarding", you will be brought to a page to fill out the company's cap table information underneath "Cap Table Setup".

You can click into "Equity Plan", "Share Classes", "Signed Grants", "Shareholders", "Board Members", and "409A Records" to set up each respectively.

After, be sure to upload the certificate of incorporation underneath "Reference Documents":

Next, you can setup roles and permissioning and signatories. This is where you can invite the founder and other law firm users who will be working on the client's cap table. Signatories are individuals who sign documents on behalf of the company:

Next, you have the option to set up two factor authentication for company admins and stakeholders:

Lastly, you will be able to make your cap table live. Be sure to review all of your information before hitting the green "Go Live" button on the bottom of the page. After clicking "Go Live", your founder/client will be invited to be a full admin of the live cap table:

Your client's cap table should now be live and your newly onboarded client should appear within your respective law firm dashboard:

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