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Law Firms: How do I access my law firm's dashboard?
Law Firms: How do I access my law firm's dashboard?
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The law firm dashboard is a customized and secure centralized hub of all of a law firm's user members and clients. You can access the appropriate client cap tables you are working on as applicable to your law firm's preferences regarding the scope of client access.

First, you will have to contact your main law firm's Paralegal Manager for access to your respective law firm's dashboard on Pulley, as they will most likely have administrative privileges to add you. If that is not the case, feel free to contact Pulley support to be added.

If your law firm does not have a law firm dashboard set up, please contact

Once added, you should receive an email invitation to join the law firm dashboard. After accepting the email invitation to the law firm dashboard, users will have to log into Pulley and click the notepad icon on the right hand corner of the page to access their tasks:

An alternative method to access your tasks page upon receiving and accepting an email invitation to join the law firm dashboard: Users can log into Pulley and on any company dashboard, click "Accept Company Invitation" underneath "Tasks" on the top right corner of the dashboard page:

Then underneath "Tasks", you will then see that you can accept to have access as a firm member:

To access the law firm dashboard, click the dropdown menu on the top left corner of the page and scroll down to "FIRMS", and click your respective law firm.

You will now be in your respective law firm's dashboard. This is where you will be able to add or remove other law firm members (if you have administrative permissions), be able to join and leave client cap table accounts that you are working on, and onboard new clients to Pulley:

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