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Does Pulley offer version tracking?
Does Pulley offer version tracking?
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Pulley offers version tracking for documents that have been executed by both parties through the platform. Both parties can then view a history of changes.

What triggers Document Versioning?

Only documents generated from a Pulley Template that are fully executed using Pulley's e-signing process will be subject to versioning. The process triggers once an eligible security is edited by a company admin, and they receive this confirmation pop-up before saving the changes:

The user has the ability to add a comment for providing context around the changes, and must acknowledge the terms for modifying legal documents on a Pulley security before proceeding.

Will the Stakeholder receive a notification?

No notifications or emails will be sent when a new version is signed, but the stakeholder can see the last date of modification for their documents and access previous versions through their Pulley portal:

How does the stakeholder access previous versions of the documents?

By clicking "See Version History", the stakeholder can access a log of all previous versions, and download any one of them if needed. They will also see the name of the user who made the changes, and the timestamp at which they were recorded.

A final note: if the documents are yet to be fully executed, the stakeholder will not be notified of any changes.

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