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Creating an Equity Plan on Pulley
Creating an Equity Plan on Pulley

This is how to create an Equity Plan on Pulley.

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1. Under the Hire and Retain tab, click Equity Plans

2. Add Equity Plan details. Fill in the following:

  • Equity Plan Name: For eg., 2019 Stock Plan. Equity Plan names usually include the year of creation.

  • Share Class: The class of share you are issuing. "Common" is most common.

  • Plan Size: This is typically 10-15% of common shares.

3. Get Board Approval

Upon plan creation, you will be redirected to the Equity Plans page and prompted to get board approval.


  • This feature is designed for companies to set up their first equity plan with standard terms.

  • Refer to our Equity Plan example here: Equity Plan Sample PDF

  • If you need a customized equity plan with non-standard terms such as an extended post termination exercise window, this will need to be drafted and approved off-Pulley in conjunction with your legal team and then recorded on the cap table according to this guide: How to Record an Equity Plan

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