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How do I record an Equity Plan?
How do I record an Equity Plan?

Record your company's existing equity plan or an equity plan that was set up outside of Pulley.

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To learn more about how equity plans work, read our explainer here.

Equity plans are pools of shares, typically put aside to give to employees or advisors. These shares are issued either as options or restricted stock awards. To create an equity plan, on the left nav bar under Essentials Cap Table Equity Plans

Then, click the Add Equity Plan button at the top of the “Equity Plans” table.

Then, select Record an Equity Plan.

Add the Equity plan information stated in the screenshot blow. Attach Equity Plan document in the Attachments area

Scroll down to enter in the Post Termination Exercise details stated in the Equity Plan documentation. (It will default to the listed times viewed in screenshot)

Select Save Equity Plan

Equity Plan will be saved to the company and you can now issue Options and RSAs to employees and advisors.

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