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How do I edit or amend an Equity Plan?
How do I edit or amend an Equity Plan?
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Editing an equity plan allows you to fix errors or add detail not previously provided (e.g., board approval date, comments, etc.).

Amending an equity plan allows you to increase the size of your incentive equity pool, which is typically done in connection with legal documentation and board/shareholder approval.

To edit or amend an equity plan, under the left navigation Cap Table β†’ Equity Plans

Then, select the equity plan you wish to edit or amend.

Next, select Actions β†’ Edit or Amend

Edit an equity plan by revising the form and selecting "Save Equity Plan".

Amend an equity plan by completing the form and selecting "Save Amendment".

Amendments to equity plans can be deleted by selecting the "Delete" button next to the amendment:

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The edited or amended equity plan will be reflected in your cap table and you may continue issuing Options and RSAs to employees.

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