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What is the difference between the "in-place" and "prepend" templates?
What is the difference between the "in-place" and "prepend" templates?
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This article will be relevant to you if:

  • You issuing securities for e-sign in Pulley, and are being asked to upload a template

  • You are unsure how the two types of template to select from differ from each other

When you are issuing a type of security for the first time, you will be taken to this page to do the one-time setup:

You can also change the settings you set up the first time later on by clicking "Edit Settings" on the top right of the form when issuing a security:

Option 1: In-Place Terms

In-Place Terms is a type of template that works by uploading a word document that has been edited to include Pulley's field codes in all the places where you want the platform to populate data. When set up correctly, it will populate the data seamlessly in-between your legal language. This is the recommended option because it produces a cleaner result. Pulley already includes some ready-to-use template options for stock options and RSAs. To learn more about the setup process, you can check out the article linked in the text or reach out to support for assistance.

You can also reach out to support for assistance in editing and uploading the template.

Option 2: Prepend Terms

Prepend Terms is an alternative option that allows for a quicker setup. Instead of editing the word document to include Pulley's field codes, you simply upload the document as-is. The platform will then append a new page at the beginning of the document with all the security's details and signatures. This option may be useful if you don't have the time or expertise to edit the document to include Pulley's field codes..

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