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How do I setup a custom field for Custom Templates?
How do I setup a custom field for Custom Templates?

Learn how to use the custom template field to work for your agreements

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You will learn:

  • How to setup and use the custom template field in your custom template

Step 1. Add in the {{custom_field_*insert custom field name here*}} variable where applicable in the document.

For example, in this template I want to add the quantity of game tokens to be included in the contract, so I will add {{custom_field_game_token_quantity}} to the docx template (see highlighted text below).

ℹ️ Rules for creating the custom field variable:

  1. Every custom field variable needs to start with custom_field_ prefix

  2. Can use - , _, space, digits and letters for the field name

  3. Using special characters like !@#... will ❌ not work in the field name

  4. Every -, _ and space maps to a space within the Custom Fields area in the security.

    1. For example, on the left is the input for the Custom Field in the website and on the right is the custom field variable that should be put inside docx:

      1. phone number - {{custom_field_phone_number}}

      2. phone_number - {{custom_field_phone_number}}

  5. Every letter maps to the lowercase letter

    1. Phone Number - {{custom_field_phone_number}}

Step 2. Follow this help article to start granting a new security and return back to this article before you begin part 4. "Review your drafted agreements".

Step 3. While entering agreement details, expand the Advanced Terms section and fill in the custom fields.

Step 4. Select Save & Continue when done and Pulley will generate the agreement that includes the custom fields.

πŸ”§ Troubleshooting

  • Contact us via Intercom or at if you have any issues setting up your templates!

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